System development & System integration

Professional support for your systems

Our employees have extensive experience at their disposal, especially in the domain of IBM mainframe computers. Furthermore, our knowledge extends to broad and often overlapping disciplines (i. e. banks, insurance firms, telecommunication companies). As specialists in system development, we can offer tailored solutions to your company in system development & system integration in the following areas:


System programming (IBM)

The IBM-mainframe world is our domain. Hence we are able to provide you with solutions and services such as installation, maintenance, administration or construction of new software components in your IBM-infrastructure frame.

We are highly versed in older operating systems like OS/390 as well as the actual versions z/OS or z/Linux, and are exceedingly familiar with the programming languages Assembler/370, Cobol and C. Through our competence and with our solution concepts we help you achieve optimum results from your investment in IBM-mainframe-computers, and simultaneously lower the costs for your mainframe computers.


System migration

The integration of a new IT-architecture has a lasting influence on a company. If you wish to migrate from your old system to a modern system, you will have to assume control of your database and will require a reliable and competent partner.

The prerequisite for a successful migration is solid knowledge of the old system’s and the new system’s structures. We understand your old system and integrate your data while exchanging basic software programs and, if needed, transform them into new formats.



Your situation

It often occurs that older systems installed on mainframe computers do not provide user interfaces. You might wish to offer your clients the possibility to change data over the internet in your booking system, while your software resides on a mainframe computer and a direct exchange of data is not possible.

We build the bridge

We refer to your old system and create ways to make your data usable for a new system in respect to new technology, keeping them timely and up to date. The creation of secure and efficient connection possibilities is our top priority.